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  • International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF)
  • The Human Brain Project - created in 1993 as the Blue Brain Project, now a major EU Flagship.
  • Bernstein Centres in Computational Neuroscience, Germany
  • CENTER-TBI CENTER-TBI is a large European project that aims to improve the care for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
  • COLAMN - The project aims at developing computer models to understand better the laminar structure of the mammalian neocortex in order to design VLSI-integrated circuits that work in a brain-like way and can be used to build future computers.
  • CARMEN - a virtual laboratory for neurophysiology, enabling sharing and collaborative exploitation of data, analysis code and expertise.
  • REVERB - This proposed research programme aims to solve the problem of behavioural integration by using knowledge of brain systems.
  • BraINS projectBrain Images of Normal Subjects bank is being developed with more than 1000 normal subjects - images, and associated information - from across the lifespan.
  • EPSRC Mathematical Neuroscience Network
  • NeuroMatic is a collection of Igor Pro functions for analyzing and acquiring electrophysiological data.
  • NeuroML - simulator independent language for defining biologically detailed neuronal and network models. NeuroML also has Wikipedia entry.
  • RIKEN Institute, Japan


  • * VARIOUS POSITIONS * at the RIKEN Institute, Japan.  Click here for further information.
  • * VARIOUS POSITIONS * at the British Neuroscience Association.  Please click here to see full list.
  • Neuroscience jobs advertised by CareerJet

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